How to Know God

It is our belief that the question “How do I know God?” is the most important question anyone could ever ask.  So then, it is our prayer that by clicking on this tab today you are sincerely asking how to really know God.  

Our experience has been that the great majority of individuals believe we experience a relationship with God because we are good people.  We like good people!  But how good is good enough?  Are we always left to guess where we stand with God?  What happens when we eventually blow it?  Do we have to start over, or does God use more of a credit system?  Or, what about this question - If a relationship with God is made possible because of what WE do, why then did JESUS have to die? 

At First Quincy, we will be the first to admit that we aren’t perfect people. We blow it all the time.  Because of this reality, we would be foolish to trust in our own effort to earn a relationship with God.  Instead, we trust in something else – the Gospel.  We know and experience God through our belief in the Gospel. 

In the link below you will find a video, produced by Southern Baptist Seminary, which explains the Gospel.  If we can answer any questions you have about who Jesus is, or how to really know God, then we hope you’ll give us a call at (850) 627-9688.  We’d love to begin that conversation with you!